Arisu Tsubaki (Tsubaki Arisu) is a high school graduate who is in the process of testing to enter her college of choice. She is originally antagonistic towards Natsuo Fujii, but is eventually befriended by him. She has a younger sister named Runa.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Arisu is a short girl with a stout build and long black hair. She has relatively narrow eyes and an upturn nose. Arisu is very insecure about her appearance and has developed a complex over it, pushing away anyone, especially men, from getting to know her.


Arisu is a year older than her sister Runa. Growing up, they were often compared to each other. Runa was often praised for her good looks, while Arisu is told to work hard because she's "not as comely as her sister."

Fortunately for Arisu, this didn't bother her much since she grew up with a best friend, a boy named Genta. They would often play video games and go exploring together, and were as close as actual siblings. Years later, during middle school, Arisu overheard Genta being teased by his guy friends for hanging out with "Piggy Tsubaki." Not knowing she was nearby, Genta vehemently denies this and calls her a gargoyle. This breaks Arisu's heart and leads to her resenting Genta, pushing him away as well as all members of the opposite sex.

Plot Edit

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Natsuo first encounters Arisu during their mock exams. Natsuo forgets his eraser and asks to borrow hers, which she throws directly at his face. The next day, Natsuo returned the eraser and wanted to thank her for it, but instead, Arisu lambastes him for not being prepared and tells him to leave if he's not going to take this seriously. Although Natsuo failed his quiz and gets further heated about it because of her words, he notices Arisu actually has a lower score than him and berates her for being a hypocrite.

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