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Fumiya Kurimoto (栗本文哉, Kurimoto Fumiya) is Natsuo's best friend and confidant. He is a waiter at L'Amant along with Masaki Kobayashi and Ayano. Kurimoto lives in an apartment with his mother and younger sister. Before high school, he used to attend the same class as Natsuo and lived in the same apartment building. He is currently attending Tokyo University with aspirations of becoming a lawyer.

Appearance and personality Edit

Kurimoto has a neatly trimmed professional haircut. He appears stocky, if not more portly compared to Natsuo, though he is apparently stronger seeing as he tends to get the upper hand when they wrestle each other. He's almost never seen without his glasses.

Kurimoto cares for Natsuo and has his best interests at heart. Kurimoto will always help him out whenever he can, whether its to listen to his problems and offer solutions, or let him stay over in his room if he's having problems at home. Despite that, Kurimoto is envious of his encounters with women, and he will express his disdain verbally or by putting Natsuo in a wrestling hold.

Though Kurimoto is older and in college, he longs to have romantic experiences with women. He is especially attracted to older women.

Background Edit

Kurimoto lives in an apartment block not far away from Natsuo's old or new home. He lives with his mother and younger sister; it is unknown if his father is still around. His mother also cares as much for Natsuo, but she tends to be nosy during their private conversations, forcing Kurimoto to remove her from the room.

Plot Edit

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