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Mao Kinashi (木梨 まお, Kinashi Mao) is a second year college student at Meiji University as a Business Major. She is also a prominent member of the university drama club, Forester. She has a younger brother named Leo.

Mao discovers Natsuo during the exam results of the college placement tests. Natsuo, disheartened by not seeing his name and score on the results boards, is redirected by Mao to see that he actually made placement into Meiji University. Later on, as Mao learns more about Natsuo and his accomplishments, she and the members of Forester quite literally kidnap him to make him a member of the club.

Appearance and personality Edit

Mao has straw blond hair styled in a layered bob cut. She is a bit on the shorter side in height, and has a slim build. She often dresses in very fashionable clothes, though this is mostly from her brother's influence as a model.

Mao is cheerful, friendly, and a bit of a tease. Her looks and personality often draw attention from men, much to Leo's chagrin.

Background Edit

Mao and her younger brother Leo were orphaned at a young age. During their early childhood, they suffered from gross neglect from their mother, who would appear with random men and disappear from the house for long periods of time. At one particular incident, she was gone for so long that Leo's cries became weaker from malnourishment. This caught the attention of neighbors who then called social services, relocating the children to a church orphanage.

Upon overhearing from adults on how pitiful her and her brother's life had been, Mao suddenly understood her situation. However, thanks to the influence of a cheerful nun, she never had time to feel sorry for herself and had a more positive outlook on life. As a result, Mao and her brother grew up happily in spite of how their childhood began.

Mao and Leo often sleep in the same bed with each other, much to Leo detriment since Mao often kicks him in their sleep. Although Mao is concerned, Leo isn't bothered by it anyways because he sleeps better knowing his sister is nearby.

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