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Miu Ashihara (葦原 美雨 Ashihara Miu) was the former president of the Literature Club.

Appearance Edit

Miu has dark green hair that is styled in a bobcut with her bangs covers much of her forehead and olive green eyes.

Personality Edit

Miu has an innocent vibe who can be awkward at times, especially when she's with their adviser. Her bashfulness is more intense than Rui Tachibana's. Just like Natsuo Fujii, Miu is a hardcore bookworm and an aspiring novelist with both them and Rui sending their novels for the Shinkousaa Competition.

Miu is also one of the primary targets of Momo Kashiwabara's pranks.

Background Edit

Miu appeared in the midway of the story and formerly tasked as Literature Club's President although she's the one and only member until Natsuo Fujii was forcefully recruited by Reiji Kiriya (the club's adviser). She was the club's President on their 2nd and Graduating years before handing it over to her kouhai club members.

Miu has two younger sibling; the boy is older and the girl is the youngest. Just like the oldest sister, her siblings are also great readers. When Natsuo came over to Miu's house to have an exchange of their own works, they thought he was her boyfriend. They were also delightful to see her have one although the truth wasn't equal to their speculation.

At their first club's summer camp, Natsuo thought of her as more than just a friend, only if he's not conflicted to his love for Hina Tachibana.

Plot Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The name Miu means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "rain" (雨) (u).
  • Miu's surname Ashihara means "reed" (葦) (ashi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
  • Miu has two younger siblings:
    • The boy is older
    • The girl is the youngest
  • Miu is the only person so far in the story to have known Momo Kashiwabara's name from something else besides the rumors about her.
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