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Miyabi Serizawa (芹沢 雅, Serizawa Miyabi) is a college student and actress attending Meiji University. She is a prominent member of the college drama club Forester, and has been the lead actress in many of its productions. She is also a close childhood friend of Yuka.

Background Edit

Appearance Edit

Miyabi is a young woman with long hair that trails to the middle of her back. She has long bangs that part in the middle and wrap around her temple. She receives a hair cut later on that layers her bangs from the front. After the first drama club trip in her sophomore year she cuts her hair short.

Personality Edit

Miyabi is generally a confident, if not prideful person with a passion for theatre. Her love of acting is so strong, she will refuse to partake in any performances if she feels like the people responsible for developing her role lacks the same drive she has. Miyabi can be confrontational about her roles on what kind of lines she has and how to deliver them. This has led to bad communication and discourse in her drama club in high school.

In contrast, Miyabi is easily flustered when she herself experiences romantic and sexual feelings towards someone. In spite of her skillful acting, she is quite clueless on how to portray a seductive character, owing to her being a virgin and having no romantic experience whatsoever. This disturbs her greatly as she goes to extreme lengths to get in touch with her sexuality, including making a friendship with a promiscuous student that actually dislikes her behind her back. She has a rather pure perspective of love and romance, and sees anything outside the norm like multiple partners or step-sibling relations to be immoral and indecent.

Relationships Edit

Yuka Kusanagi Edit

Yuka is Miyabi's best friend since childhood. They are often very close and spend a lot of time together. However, unbeknownst to Miyabi, Yuka harbors feelings for her that have gradually developed since the end of high school. This causes some confusion and chaos later as Yuka feels like she's taken advantage of Miyabi's friendship and threatens to leave Forester afterwards. However, thanks to Natsuo and other club members, they reconcile and become friends again.

Natsuo Fujii Edit

Miyabi and Natsuo were originally at odds with each other, but after the success of the play, she grew to respect and even grow fond of him. Unfortunately, her shyness and lack of romantic experience lead to awkward encounters. After performing in the play with Natsuo, she begins to develop feelings for him, and asks her best friend Yuka Kusanagi, to help her win over Natsuo.

Rui Tachibana Edit

Miyabi has a rather interesting introduction to Rui, to say the least. It's clear to Rui that Miyabi is interested in Natsuo and she surprisingly brushes it off easily, though not without warning that Natsuo is hers.

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