Momo Kashiwabara (柏原 もも Kashiwabara Momo) is a member of the Literature Club. Momo is infamous throughout the school for having many boyfriends, some she even had intimate relationshipswith.

Appearance Edit

Momo is teenage girl of medium height. She has neck length, dirty blonde hair that is commonly done up in pigtails. She also has a very curvaceous body and alluring frame, which she often uses to her advantage in front of boys, much to the chagrin of other girls who call her 'Nympho' as a result.

Her uniform is also worn much more messier than the other characters, with her jumper having longer sleeves that reach halfway up her hand and a poorly arranged collar. She also wears skirts a size or two smaller than normal, evident from how just running from Natsuo was enough for her panties to be shown.

As shown in Chapter 16, she also has several overlapping scars on her wrist from her "short phase" of self-harming. Very few people, save for her sexual partners and Natsuo have seen them, with the latter being the only one who empathized with her.

Personality Edit

Momo fits the 'Genki' female archetype in manga, as she is constantly energetic with a bubbly personality. She is also incredibly eccentric and overly friendly to some people, as shown when she gave Rui a nickname and one of the dolls from her bag upon their first meeting. As noted by the girls in her class, Momo is also very flirtatious towards boys, flirtations that are rumoured have evolved into sexual relations on more than one occasion. She also exhibits a childish side, as shown by her nicknames like "Rui-Rui" and calling sex "making love-love".

As of Chapter 10, she has a massive crush on Natsuo, which has often gone to obsessive extremes, like clinging to his arm and feeding him boxed lunches she made without his knowledge.

However, beneath her flirtatious and bubbly nature lies deep vulnerability and a possible self-loathing. As revealed in Chapter 16, her parents have a very bad relationship and are almost always working, leaving Momo by herself for nearly whole days on end. As a result of this and her poor relationships with her peers, she once began self-harming. One of the reasons she loves Natsuo is due to the fact that despite knowing about her self-harming and her attitudes towards boys, he is still nice to her.

Trivia Edit

- Despite the fact that Momo was shown wearing a two-piece swimsuit in Chapter 50, her scars were not present.

- It is shown that Momo is actually very smart despite her childish nature. In Chapter 20, Ashihara notes that she knew Momo's name because she often sees her name in the top-ten school rankings. In Chapter 23, she mentions that she doesn't need to write notes in class. During the School Festival, she was able to see through Saki's lies and deduce her relationship and grudge with Reiji Kiriya.