Natsuo Fujii (藤井 夏生 Fujii Natsuo) is the main male protagonist of Domestic na Kanojo. As the story starts, he is a second year high school student. He loves writing novels so he frequently heads to the rooftop during his lunch breaks to develop his passion. It is there that he meets the bishoujo rookie English teacher Hina-sensei, who becomes his first crush.

Due to her constantly treating him as a brat as well as thinking that his would become an unrequited love, he accepts the proposal of Rui, an odd girl he meets at a mixer settled at a karaoke by his friends, and both end up having their first sexual experience together, after which she tells him to forget about it.

But just days later, his widower dad tells him that he is getting married again. That same afternoon, they are paid a visit by his step-mother-to-be, Tsukiko Tachibana, a divorced woman, and her two daughters, Hina and Rui.


Natsuo is the only child of Akihito Fujii (藤井昭人) and his wife Jun (藤井純). By the time he entered Elementary School, her mom had already been admitted to the hospital. Probably he was a cry-baby back then because of that. Unfortunately, she passed away soon that same year, when he was just seven. Even though his father tried his best to make things go as normal as they could be, he ended up shutting himself in his mom's room. It is there he thought he could read some of the books kept at her bookshelf. That way, as he dived into those books, he stopped dwelling on thoughts of his mother not being around nor him being alone, and so became a bibliophile since then.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Natsuo has black hair along with olive green colored eyes. His current appearance is far different from his Junio High days thanks to following the suggestion of his best friend Fumiya, who forced him to wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses and have his curly hair flattened daily. As the series starts, he is 17 years old.

Natsuo is a friendly and kind teenager. His sensitiveness and insight makes him a chick magnet, although he doesn't notice it straight forward because of his humbleness. This last provides him with flexibility, which makes him very adaptative, easily doing team work as well as becoming competitive when required. He has a very active imagination, of course, but because of that it is not unusual for him to have lecherous thoughts that assult him from time to time, even though he truly tries to control them. He assumes every compromise as seriously as he can, avoiding to let others down. This has led him to learn to bottle up his feelings when he considers they might be a burden to the people that trust him. He is responsible and hardworking, but due to his sensitivity, he can't help getting depressed - usually needing the help of others to come aback. As the series develops, we can see how he gains matureness, but still, his lack of experience because of his youth, puts him at some very akward situations, which he tries to deal with the best way he can.

Goals & Aspirations Edit

Natsuo's got it clear that he wants to become a writer who can make a living of it. He says he enjoys the surprise and emotional impact he finds in books. Ever since Junior High School, he has dreamt about creating such worlds himself with his writing. For just as books saved him when he was a little child mourning his mum, he dreams that he could someday give others a chance to enjoy books as he did. He says he wants to become the kind of author that moves people with his writing the same way others have moved him. To achieve so, he is willing to work hard. First, he ask Kiriya-sensei to accept him as his apprentice. But after wining the 77th Shinkousha Literary Award, the editor Tsutaya-san gets in charge of him. Later, he is appointed as a disciple-assistant to the writer Kurumi Giwa, known as Tougen Shigemitsu, who introduces him into the habit of researching and interviewing real people to collect material that can be used in his novel writing.

Acquiantances Edit

  • Rui Tachibana

Rui is Hina's biological younger sister, Natsuo's younger step-sister and his latest former lover. They meet at a mixer set up by classmates of their respective schools. While having fizzy drinks out of the karaoke booth, she tells him to sneak out. So, taking him to her house, she proposes him to have their first sexual experience together, which is supposed to be just a one-night-stand. However, after their parents remarriage and since they all start living together in the same house, she steadily develops feelings towards him. Unknowingly, it is her resolve on trying to seduce him that backfires because it leads him into starting a relationship with her elder sister.

  • Hina Tachibana

Hina is Rui's biological elder sister, Natsuo's older step-sister and his first love interest. They meet at the rooftop of the school where she has just started working as an English teacher. As they continue runing into each other there, he notices that it only happens when she is conflicted at something, for which he offers his sincere support. Such kindness plus his defined goal of becoming a writer, makes a deep impression on her, which in time leads her into falling for him. The fact of their parents remarriage, their starting living together, and his finding of her unworthy relationship with her married former sensei, finally made her resolve to put in order her life, just time before she discovers her younger sister is becoming fond of him. After trying so hard to push him aside, she can't help getting jealous, which ends up into opening her heart to him and starting a forbidden relationship.

  • Miu Ashihara

Miu is Natsuo's Club President; a fellow aspiring. They somehow go along as a friend, yet at first Natsuo think of her as a potential lover, though Miu has a one-sided love towards their club advisor, Reiji Kiriya.

  • Momo Kawashibara

Momo is Natsuo's fellow club mate although she fell in love towards him, since Natsuo was the only man who respected her. However after finding out that he already set his eyes for Rui, Momo eventually gave up her feelings.

  • Alexander "Al" Matsukawa

He is a fellow club member of Natsuo, and their relationship are mixed with conflicts due to their rivalry for Rui. Still, their frienship was one of a kind since their first encounter is filled with trouble, and Natsuo in turn introduced him to the Literature Club in which Rui was also a member.

  • Reiji Kiriya

He is Natsuo's high school teacher and club advisor. To his surprise, Kiriya was his favorite novelist famous by his pen name You Hasukawa. Ever since Natsuo set his eyes to become as a novelist, Kiriya guided him by giving reference books rather than an apprentice. He would rather read and evaluate Natsuo's work as an assessment to see if his hard work paid off.

Character Plot Edit

History Edit

Ten (10) years prior to the start of the story, Natsuo's mother was bedridden due to unmentioned cause. Their family was firm and filled with love, however his mother did not survived her disease and died one day. Natsuo, who was still a kid, promised her not to cry at her burial but his father told him not to; as it is okay to express it for his love to her.

Present Edit

Father's Remarriage Edit

Ten years after, Natsuo is now a senior high and only lives with his father at an apartment complex near his bestfriend, Fumiya. Both were best buds as childhood friends as the latter showed him to do an appearance makeover. His favorite hobby is to write one shot novels; having him skip lunch time to write at the school's rooftop.

One year prior to the start of story, Natsuo met their fresh graduate English teacher named Tachibana Hina at the said rooftop while he was doing some novels. Although it was not mentioned if it is because of their first meet up that Natsuo fell in love with his teacher-- promising Hina to be the one who'll read his novel.

At day one, Natsuo was invited to go into a mixer along with his two classmates. They all met up at a karaoke cafe in which he met a girl named Tachibana Rui; a mysterious girl who also bears the same last name of his crush. Later on, both talked at a cola stall and admitted they were not used at this kind of meet up. Without any impulse, Natsuo saw a bit of resemblance towards Rui and Hina that eventually shocked him. Awkward towards one another, Rui started to ask him to ditch the mixer to come along with her.

Natsuo and Rui proceeded to the latter's home in the afternoon for a favor she wanted him for. Later on Rui asked him to have sex with her, a bit confused as to why him, though she replied he looks like a first-timer of sorts. She also mentioned her other reasons and just to have an experience, yet more like what it feels like to do it. Natsuo in turn remembered about a line his friends said about Hina having already a boyfriend. Thinking about that fact, Natsuo agreed to do it with her, thus losing his virginity at the person he was not interested, still feeling regret.

Afterwards Natsuo headed into their apartment complex into Fumiya's and narrated all what has happened. The latter was surprised to the predicament he was involved with, although a lucky bastard, he is also jealous to his state. Natsuo once again felt his regret yet Fumiya wouldn't agree the most since HIna has already a lover.

Later that day, Natsuo headed home and saw his old man busy calling someone at the phone. He decided to write the next day, the second time in the story he and Hina-sensei got a lonesome time at the rooftop. His teacher teases her to read his novel but felt embarrassed because it's still incomplete. It was then that Natsuo told the throwback moment they met at the same place last year. Returning to his home, he set his gaze into his empty sheets of paper; the papers he uses when writing his story.

He hurriedly set foot to the rooftop as he thought that lunch is also a crucial part for his writing time-- only then to see his crush staring past the steel fence. Hina sensed him coming and glanced back, tears flowing down her beautiful face. Asking her why, she stated it was because of the scenes of a drama she watched last night. Though to his stead, it was not. Natsuo persuaded to tell him her problems however she just deterred the situation as it is not for kids to meddle with. Still, he still felt left out, stating to treat him more as a man but he was interrupted by a certain call from her phone and she said, "Sensie, you really look so pitiful". That moment never disappeared from his memory, though to his own it is really inevitable.

After school hours, he returned home since he doesn't have any club to attend to. As he entered their apartment he saw his father hanged the call. Suddenly, he tells his son for his remarriage at the moment his step-mother to be shall be visiting them that night.

Eventually after his father opened the door, Natsuo met Tachibana Tsukiko, the woman his father will be remarrying, and along with her two daughters - which are already his acquaintances- named Hina and Rui. Too much for this surprise, Natsuo's consciousness fades and collapses. Later on, the five of them are seating in front of the dining table while 'baby sitting' Natsuo and formally Miss Tsukiko introduced herself.

Albeit doubtless, Natsuo asked her what she saw towards his old man, answering he was the only man who never gave up despite Miss Tsukiko has a heart of ice. That was because of her former husband running away because of a mistress. Nevertheless, her expression was never been like before ever since Natsuo's father swayed his time for her.

Hina on the other hand was served of beer by Natsuo. It was unexpected for him to see his crush addicted with alcohol as he blushes seeing her indulge it with a smile. His teacher and sister to be would rather ask him to drink with her only if she wasn't minor. Telling her that, Natsuo headed to the bathroom to take a dump in which Rui waited for him to come out. She asked if he saw this coming but he denied it, and Rui didn't thought Natsuo was the one Mr. Fujii was telling them about.

Natsuo suddenly asked her too, about acknowledging their parent's remarriage and if it will somewhat affect their daily life. Rui stated she will gladly accept it so her mother shall feel happiness which she haven't seen by the past years. She also requested her to forget about their first meeting and what they did in order to prevent more problems. After their encounter, Rui returned to the living room and Natsuo was a bit skeptical for deciding after everything happened.

The Tachibanas headed home after their dinner; leaving Natsuo and his father alone again. He then sees his father delighted to their visit and happy as he was willing to wash the dishes on his own. Natsuo paused for a moment, then he recognized his father's remarriage although he should've first been notified, hearing that his old man's smile was over his ears, and again his father suddenly added he bought a second hand house where they'll transfer next week.

Natsuo and his father rode a cargo van for home transfer the next week and the Tachibanas were already at the house when they arrived. Whilst being busy at arranging every nooks and crannies, Hina greeted Natsuo at the entrance as he was carrying a box. Both had a bit of chat, with Hina wanting his step-brother to call him Hina-chan and her still calls him the same. The fact he was requested him to call Hina with a "-chan" made him embarassed once he tries it. Though in the end she brushed it off to just call her Hina-nee since Rui calls her that.

He proceeded to the second floor and eventually saw Rui at the hall. Pissed by his facial expression every time he sees her, Rui angrily told her once again to forget about the past then lately entered her room. Despite hearing it from her, he couldn't just remove it since she was his first. They all had a nice dinner together and Hina was the first to bath, Rui's mother told her to have a bath next in which Natsuo reminisced his time they had sex and her naked body.

Hina went out of the bathroom with just a towel covering her chest, she screamed after realizing her mistake and took a word from her mother. Natsuo stayed at the living room to read more, Hina arrived wearing sleeveless shirt and hotpants leaving her still showing more skin that makes Natsuo intimidated. She headed straight to the ref to have some beer and was drunk like an old man afterwards. Natsuo's parents then headed into their room while Hina was dead asleep at the sofa, and Rui having her time at the bathroom.

Hina's state was so defenseless, it really intimidated Natsuo to steal a kiss from her, but then Rui came; only to see his face surprised. Rui then asked him what he was doing, and Natsuo lied. Afterwards, Rui woke her sister by kicking Hina down to the floor and dragged her towards the hallway. Rui, though, reluctantly told him she saw what happened.

Friendless Transfer Student Edit

The next day, Natsuo dreamt of his step sisters, the "ecchi"-way, and woke up late for school. He rushed into his school with his untidy bed hair as his friends talked about a transfer student next door. The trio headed on to see the person, and Natsuo got surprised seeing Rui was the transfer student. She was flocked by her new classmates but ignoring the crowed. Later on she noticed Natsuo at the hallway and walked towards them- telling him also of his bad hair. Rui asked him if he also forgot his lunch because he's rushed to the school and almost slipped her tongue pertaining to their relationship.

Natsuo suddenly dragged him out of the school building into the open area where he asked her why she transferred. It was also into his extent to not tell everyone about their true relationship as step siblings however it also backfired when Rui bluntly thought there was no need for them to talk at all; leaving the area and Natsuo alone.

Natsuo came to her once again eating lunch like a lone wolf. Rui was still fixated to Natsuo's curly hair and offered her to fix it for him. She also told him how she envies her sister's friendly personality which she doesn't have. It also came to a point when she tried copying her way of speech. He reluctantly decided to help her communicate with her classmates with some impromptu speeches that wildly lead into some stand up comedy. Somehow the crowd on Rui's class exploded into laughter after hearing them doing it with most of them approaching her and offering friendship, and her shyness got the best of her, again.

Natsuo headed home after school. He was clearly on his mind world as he entered the bath already filled bathroom-- with a Rui sitting at the hot bath and reading a book. He was already half naked; with just a small towel cover his below. Both became anxious to the situation, and Natsuo completely blushed as he quickly exited the room. However, Rui asked him to enter, telling that Natsuo already saw everything on their one night stand, yet more on offering him her gratitude for helping her befriend everyone at her class. She also regretted doubting Natsuo's motive after seeing him almost stealing a kiss from Hina, making him accept her request to enter. Although, Natsuo also thought Rui is asking for something more than just gratitude. Albeit his true feelings, Rui thought he only meant to help Hina on her problems.

Hina the Mistress Edit

The Natsuo-Rui bath time conversation ended with the latter not sharing most the details of Hina's affair. The next day, their parents decided to formally file their marriage at the city administration. Both were also wanted to celebrate their remarriage by eating at night and asked their children to take care of the house. Inexperienced as she is, Hina gladly accepted to cook for them since she's the oldest yet their mother doubted her daughter's ability.

The sudden event got Natsuo feeling excited to see Hina's cooking, surprised to see that she cooked delicious foods with Rui. Although it was Rui's talent and Hina just done the littlest effort with chopping tomatoes and stuff. Yet Natsuo was more impressed of Rui's talent in the kitchen which made her blush for his praise and also life savingly commended Hina's collaboration.

Afterwards, Rui headed back to her room to read, leaving Natsuo and Hina alone in the kitchen. While they were having conversation and teasing one another, Hina lost her balance and Natsuo caught her in time. A sudden pause made them look eye to eye then was interrupted by a call from Hina's phone from Shu Hagiwara. Her tone swiftly changed to more serious and ended the call stated she need to head outside to meet him at the front gate. Natsuo wanted to follow her although she asked her to stay indoor since it would be quick. The nippy time she told became an hour and Natsuo was still waiting for her to return until her decided to go outside. Yet he heard Hina's voice saying "I've had enough!" as she ran burst the door open; her face told everything, her body shaking even if she said she's fine.

Suddenly the door bell rang, Natsuo thought it was Hina's lover, she kept on telling him it's fine. Natsuo drastically asked her the problem until Rui came down to see what was happening. Unbeknownst to what is beyond the door, Rui opened it since it endlessly rung, and the person they're expected to be were their parents whom were drunk with gifts for their children. The heavy atmosphere shifted quickly after seeing their parents, not knowing Hina was holding her emotion at the time being and headed back to her room.

The next day after school, Natsuo headed into the L'amant Restaurant to share his anxiousness of Hina's love life to Fumiya. His bestfriend iterated that it was somewhat jealousy, although his point was about the people asking advice from the Boss, especially the one man with his mistress. Later on as they narrated the certain situation with Natsuo somehow filling the blanks correctly, it all turned out into some half time comedy scene with Boss and Fumiya fighting over their husband: Natsuo.

Later on, Fumiya accompanied Natsuo after his shift. They both traversed a street when Fumiya pointed his finger towards the woman whom he was stating earlier at the restaurant; it was Hina who seem to be heading home after exiting from the front seat of a black car. A man with neck length blonde hair was at the driver's seat which Hina was talking to until the mirror was shut close. He had a bad feeling and the pieces of every details he has are forming into an awful image.

Alone in his dark room and sitting at his bed with his mind at deep thought, Natsuo finally figured everything. In the late night he proceeded to Hina's room to finally ask if she's having an affair.

"I plan on leaving my wife. But it just can't be right away..."

As he spoke the line, a thorn slit her throat, it surprised her. Hina looked away, she paused for a moment, and gave her undeterred answer, she doesn't want to give up at all. Their conversation came to a point of no return and Natsuo couldn't control his emotion as he literally kissed his step sister. Hina pushed him back and slapped him. But then Hina kissed Natsuo and pushed him down her bed. She untied his shirt's upper button to make him realize his mistake, and giving him a lecture that he's still an immature brat. Thinking about their difference of thoughts, Natsuo went back to his room and cried out his pain away.

Natsuo decided to run away from their house into Fumiya's apartment the next day. The only reminder he gave to his family was a piece of paper telling his intention to stay at his best friend. Neither he could nor bring himself to tell his parents about the truth, instead he called for a better way by cooling things off a bit and think the best course of action. This, however, gave risk to their parent's remarriage as both of them realized that their sudden decisions it resulted into this. As for them and Rui, Hina's expression was different, the latter figured she had an idea for his action.

For the rest of the day, Natsuo lied down at Fumiya's room in the same position where his friend left him. Going to school for the moment was not option since he'd see her after all. Later on, Fumiya returned home earlier from his shift at L'amant. He refused to say anything to his friend, worried and regretted what he did to her. Fumiya thought that Natsuo would be giving up on Hina, which he sees a big opportunity for his plan to court her. His wild imagination somehow ended up for Natsuo to hold him down, instead, it was the latter that got wrestled into the ground. He encouraged him to not waste the time cooping at the floor and use his energy to write his novels. His problem even blocked his sense that only his friend gave him the lecture to focus on to become a novelist.

Without any doubt, Natsuo started writing the next day. Later in the afternoon, he took a break and looked past the window. The clouds were dark, the rain poured heavily, and the single thing his eyes set into was a girl in uniform with an umbrella while searching for someone; it was Rui. She was fixated to what she's doing, also bizarrely looking below a parked sedan. It only took a moment for her to gaze above a lit window and saw Natsuo staring back at her. She's probably looking for him after knowing Natsuo stayed at his friend's apartment.

Rui asked her to let her enter the apartment too, but Natsuo can't give the answer since he's not the owner. Afterwards, Rui decided to look for an internet cafe to stay but he stopped her, and let her wait for him at the entrance. She asked him right away his reason for leaving, linking the situation with her sister. Fumiya's mother appeared at their location, she asked the two teenagers of their relationship and found out Rui was the youngest; her pout was also cute.

Afterwards, Mrs. Fumiya allowed her to stay inside too. Natsuo realized his decision was really reckless after seeing Rui's completely soaked shoes and socks, he never thought the latter would go this far to care for him. Mrs. Fumiya could later on offer them a hot tea, and the two headed into his best friend's room. In the nick of time, Fumiya arrived, shocked to his approach to see a girl inside his room.

As the sky changed from from sunset to night, rain came to its end, and the three kept themselves inside of Fumiya's room. Rui was dressed into her fancy pajamas. She was totally prepared for her boycott plan even she said it was sudden. Leaving everything aside, Fumiya slid his tongue as he recklessly spoke about Rui and Natsuo's first meet up. Although, she never think as a bother after knowing Fumiya's not at the same school.

They finally headed straight to the problem at hand as Rui mentioned she knew everything about her sister. She even made the same move like Natsuo, it also ended up with the same outcome, she only wanted to see her sister back from who she was. Fumiya asked Natsuo and Rui for their true plans, he really wanted for Hina and her lover to break up. As both parties have benefit for their plan's output, Rui and Natsuo accepted Fumiya's strategy by first finding the person their sister's in affair with.

All plans were set so the two headed back home that night. They were both approached by their parents who were silently sitting until they turned the lights at the living room. Both felt relieved to see them back, a divorce paper was idle at the table top awaiting to be filled up, but Rui and Natsuo cleared their true intention. His father wanted him to vent his problem to them instead of leaving their house, but for the current situation, it'd be better to keep it all secret. Suddenly, Hina rushed to the area expressing her relief to see them, especially Natsuo. She fell into the floor, apologizing her actions instead.

Natsuo and Hina encountered one another at the staircase the next day. The latter greeted him for the morning but he made nothing for an expression and passed by as he returned her greeting. He sat next to Rui at the dining and both have the impression to execute their plan in the afternoon.

All started from the stand up bar of past school hours, to the live comedy the next day, and at a certain populated street where she met a student asking for advice; their attempt to lure Hina's lover was a complete failure. They clearly struggled to achieve their mission objective. Their endgame was to snuck into the bath while Hina was bathing to take her phone. Afterwards, Rui tried to call Shu Hagiwara with her sister's phone as they intend to make a break up as she mimicked Hina's voice; it still failed at all.

The next day, Rui and Natsuo rested their face at L'amant telling their captain (Fumiya) they failed the mission. The boss bumped into the conversation after knowing the problem but Natsuo doesn't want him to. He rather told them how great and radiant their youth is as if he felt some regret from his past. Suddenly, Natsuo and Rui were surprised to see Hina and Shu to be together after entering the bar. The bar's atmosphere suddenly got tensed, Natsuo thought it was the best time to tell them to break up but Boss Marie interrupted. He asked both parties to seat at the farthest corner so they can talk this better and not to give other customers the feeling of disturbed. He also offered them a Neapolitan Noodles to calm Natsuo.

Shu introduced his self despite the pressure from Natsuo and Rui were giving. He also added they were dating for exactly two years. Rui would afterwards interrupted him and asked who initiated and who's at fault. Although they admitted none of them did, but Shu took the fault for it and apologized. Natsuo stared towards Hina who's doing her habit of looking sideways as a sign of discomfort. Instead of being found out like this, Shu wanted to have introduced rather sooner.